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Reverse Engineering - Exploring the E in STE(A)M

Have you ever wondered what is inside your computer, your sewing machine, or the engine inside of the family car? In this workshop, we figured it out! We learned about reverse engineering, also known as taking things apart.  We took apart V8 car engines, desktop computers, stereo receivers, sewing machines, color printers, and more.  We learned to use wrenches, ratchet wrenches, sockets, breaker bars, micro-screwdrivers, and other cool tools. We also learned why the engine is called a V8! 


As we dissected all the screws, intake manifolds, hose clamps, exhaust manifolds, ink cartridges, heat sinks, micro speakers, power supplies, transformers, motherboards, and more, we turned them into art! Check it out! 

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